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Nicole Best (@nikkiibest) is a freelance writer. She has written for Hello Giggles, The Fullest Magazine, Nude Magazine, and wrote a sketch show for Uprights Citizens Brigade.

She just published her second book called Haikantwith(out)you, and already has one on the market, Haikantwithyou. Follow along @haikantwithyou on Instagram.

Some highlights…

  • “I Might Be In Love With My Best Friend” Hello Giggles. May 2019.

  • “Why I’m 26 and Considering Freezing My Eggs.” The Fullest Magazine. May 2019.

  • Rachel Green’s Fashion Trends You’d Still Wear Today. The Fullest Magazine. March 2019.

  • “A Glossary on Modern Dating Culture” The Fullest Magazine. September 2018.

  • “Books Written by Minority Authors You Need to Read.” The Fullest Magazine. November 2018.

  • “No You May Not Touch My Leg. And Other Things You Can’t Do At Bars.” Nude Magazine. August 2017.

  • “Everything You Need to Know About User Acquisition Strategies and How to Activate Those For Your Brand.” Bunch Magazine. July 2016

  • “Pitch an Influencer to Get Everything You Want and More for Your Brand.” Bunch Magazine. May 2016.